Status of Women

The AUFA Women’s committee engages in activism and promotes awareness around women’s issues and gender equity related to the collective agreement and, more generally, the workplace of Acadia University. Beyond Acadia, AUFA-W participates in the agenda of the CAUT Women’s Committee and its sister organizations across Canada, and is active within in the larger local community.

  1. Annual Report on the Status of Women at Acadia
    Article 28.10 Data Report: Each year, AUFA-W writes a report for The Communicator entitled “In Minority: The Status of Women at Acadia University” that examines the gender division of Acadia faculty by rank, position and salary.
  2. Activities
    December 6th Memorial Event (National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women): AUFA-W organizes a memorial event at Acadia each year. This event is open to the larger community.
    International Women’s Day (IWD): AUFA-W organizes numerous events to celebrate and mark IWD. In recent years, we have sponsored a cafe featuring local women performers. Proceeds are donated to Chrysalis House, a non-profit grassroots organization that provides shelter, support, counseling, advocacy, and outreach for abused women and their children.
    AUFA-W Networking Event: Each January, AUFA-W organizes a networking event, called F.E.W (First Ever Women), to celebrate the accomplishments of women faculty at Acadia.
  3. Other
    In addition to the events described above, AUFA-W organizes guest speakers, theatre productions, and similar events on topics that support and promote women’s issues, and promotes equity issues on campus in general through lobbying and advocacy.

Committee Members for the 2014-15 academic year:

Zelda Abramson, Co-chair
Gillian Poulter, Co-chair