Child Care

In accordance with the Canadian Association of University Teachers’ policy on childcare (see below), the AUFA recognizes that childcare is a fundamental equity issue and is working toward the creation of childcare policies that reflect this. As such, we have been working to assess the needs and wants for child care on Acadia’s campus. In Fall 2009 we held a forum with stakeholders across the various employee groups on campus to find out what people need, what people have, and what people would like to see for childcare on campus. We are hopeful that childcare provisions will become a reality on Acadia’s campus in the near future. 

CAUT Policy Statement on the Provision of Child and Infant Care

  1. Balancing work and family responsibilities is a concern for many members of the academic community.
  2. Child and infant care is integral to work-life balance, recruitment, and retention of academic and general staff, as well as students.
  3. Universities and colleges should provide, either directly or by contract, child and infant care on or near campus for members of the academic community.
  4. Such care should be affordable, high quality, accessible, and provided in a public or not-for-profit organization and by staff who are unionized and appropriately remunerated.
  5. Furthermore, this care should reflect the demands of academic work by being available during the hours when academic and general staff are expected to work, as well as by being flexible enough to include casual and occasional care, and emergency care to accommodate the sudden illness of a child or infant.
  6. Member associations should negotiate contract language which ensures that academic and general staff have access to child and infant care.

Approved by the CAUT Council, November 2007

Contact information for 2014-15 academic year:
Laura Thompson
Randy Newman