Standing Committees

Appointments, Renewal, Tenure and Promotion Committee (ARTPC)

The ARTCP is responsible for drafting contract proposals concerning appointments, reappointments, promotion, tenure, and leaves. \

Association Grievance Committee

The Association Grievance Committee (AGC) is a four-member standing committee of AUFA mandated by Article XI.1(vii) of the AUFA Constitution to administer the sections of the collective agreement related to grievance.

Communications (Media) Committee and The Communicator

The Communications Committee is responsible for external communications and media relations on behalf of the Association. It also issues the Association’s newsletter, The Communicator. 

Financial Benefits Committee (FBC)

The Financial Benefits Committee (FBC) is responsible for drafting proposals for bargaining concerning salary, pension, individual and group benefits, and financial exigency.

Negotiating Committee

The Negotiating Committee represents AUFA in negotiations with the Board for a collective agreement.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee's mandate is to select a slate of candidates for the executive.

Proposal Review Committee (PRC)

Reviews and reconciles the work done by the other pre-negotiating committees (ARTPC, WCC, and FBC) and prepares the final set of contract proposals for the membership to vote on.

Working Conditions Committee (WCC)

The WCC is responsible for drafting proposals for the Collective Agreement concerning workload and general working conditions, grievance, arbitration, existing practices, discrimination, academic freedom and management rights.

Ad Hoc Committees

Caut Dedicated Service Award

The CAUT Dedicated Service Award is presented to individuals in recognition of exceptional service to their academic staff associations.

Lois Valley Fischer Award

This AUFA award recognizes the contributions of a senior baccalaureate student who has contributed to the quality of democratic discourse, critical thought, and legitimate contestation in campus or community life, and who has demonstrated leadership in defending student political rights and the interests of disadvantaged groups.

Investment Committee

An ad hoc committee of AUFA, the Investment Committee monitors and manages the Association’s investment portfolio.

Job Action Committee

The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the activities of the membership in in the event that a reduction or withdrawal of services is deemed necessary to achieve a fair contract.

Women's Committee

The AUFA Women’s committee engages in activism and promotes awareness around women’s issues and gender equity.

Committees Required under the 15th Collective Agreement

Pay Equity and Appointments

The Pay Equity and Appointments Committee monitors and reports on all appointments made in any given academic year..
(Art. 39.20)

Child Care

(Art. 57.10) The Child Care Committee was set under the 12th Collective Agreement and renewed, with a new mandate, under the 13th CA. With negotiations of the 14th CA under way and both sides presenting new, and different, child care language, the committee is effectively suspended until completion of the this round of bargaining.
(Art. 57.10)

Employment Equity Committee (EEC)

The purpose of the Employment Equity Committee (EEC) is to identify discriminatory barriers to employment equity and develop an Employment Equity Plan.
(Art. 3.60)

Financial Information

The purpose of the Committee is to examine and review financial statements and information pertaining to the operation of Acadia University.
(Art. 28.30)

Group Insurance Benefits

The Group Insurance Benefits Committee oversees all Group Insurance Benefits and make recommendations concerning changes in these benefits.
(Arts. 26.50 and 26.51)

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property committee caries out out business relating to aspects of intellectual property specified in the Collective Agreement
(Art. 33.25)

Joint Committee for the Administration of the Collective Agreement

The Joint Committee functions in an advisory capacity to the Board and the Association with the general aim of ensuring that the Collective Agreement is administered in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.
(Art. 30.00)

Joint Occupational Health and Safety

The Joint Occumpational Health and Safety Committee Is mandated is to oversee the health and safety of all campus employees and to monitor compliance with the Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Act.
(Arts. 17.91 and 17.92)

Pension Committee

The Pension Committee oversees the pension plan and makes recommendations concerning changes in the plan.
(Arts. 23.20 and 23.21)

Pay Equity

Committees Established by University Policy

Appeals Committee, Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination

This committee hears appeals of decisions made by the Equity Officer and appeals based on investigative procedure concerning the University Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination.


The Parking Committee provides faculty input on campus parking regulations.

AUFA Representatives to Affiliated Groups

ANSUT Council

Founded in 1997, the Association of Nova Scotia University Teachers (ANSUT) represents the faculty associations of eight universities in Nova Scotia.

CAUT Council

The Canadaian Assoicaiton of University Teachers (CAUT) is the national voice for over 68,000 academic and general staff. As well as many other activities CAUT lobbies governments, provides collective bargaining and legal support to member associations, and actively advances the social and economic interests of its members.

CAUT Defence Fund

The CAUT Defence Fund meets as needed to approve strike/lockout benefits for member unions.