Calendar for July 2014 (8 Events)


Events happening this month

01-Jul-2014Board to pay tenure-stream Professors and Librarians with probationary or continuing apointments a minimum of $3,500 in start-up funds upon their first day of employment.

See article 25.40.

01-Jul-2014In lieu of health, dental benefits and pension plan, part-time Employees shall receive an additional 5% of their stipend.

See article 26.63

01-Jul-2014Research Services Head to prepare allocation of Library responsibilities.

See article 55.50(g).

15-Jul-2014Librarians to indicate wish to be considered for joint continuing apointment and promotion or promotion.

See article 51.01.

15-Jul-2014Professors to request an extension for renewal or tenure.

See article 12.02.

15-Jul-2014Instructor to request extension (probationary continuing appointment).

See article 43.41(a).

15-Jul-2014Professors wishing to be considered for renewal, tenure or promotion and Instructors wishing to be considered for promotion to indicate their intent to Head.

See article 12.01(a).

15-Jul-2014Librarians to request extension of probationary appointment.

See article 51.02.